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De Balneis Puteoli.(Pietro da Eboli)



Original currently in the Library of the University of Valencia. Ms 836 (G. 2396). (Valencia) Spain

In 1220 Pietro da Eboli wrote a poem in hexameters on the medical benefits of different spa waters in the early 13th century. This work was dedicated to Emperor Frederick II.

The use of spas for therapeutic ends ended up becoming an essential practice amongst the most demanding doctors, who followed Galenic doctrine. The poem, which was a great success, was translated into both the Neapolitan dialect and French.

Michael Kaufmann, who in 1959 studied the pictorial transmission, concluded that the full cycle of illustration of a presentation miniature and scenes of 35 differents spas was created for the original text.

The most probably owner is Alfonso of Aragon, Duke of Calabria (1448-1485) then being passed down to San Miguel de los Reyes (Valencia) by Ferdinand of Aragon , Prince of Tarento in 1550.


  • The coordination and the introduction,as well as point I-a "HISTORY OF MEDICINE"will be by Mr.Luis Garcia Ballester ,Senior lecturer in the History of Medicine of Cantabria University.
  • Point I -b "HISTORY OF ART" will be by Ms.Maria Jose Lopez Terrada and Mr.Felipe Jerez Molinar, Scholarship holders in Research, Art history department of Valencia University.
  • The Latin transcription and Spanish translation are by Jose Luis Gil Arista, degree in Classical Philology.
  • The translation into English is by Michael R. Mc Vaugh. Senior Lecturer in the History of Medicine at North Caroline Chapel Hill University.


  • Blinding course-type binding , with spine support added before reassembling.
  • 38 folios.
  • 29.8x21.7 cm.