Saint John's Apocalypse. Beatus of Liébana.
Las Huelgas Monastery.

13TH Century

Original currently at the Pierpont Morgan Library . New York (Ms M.429).

M.429 Beatus from Las Huelgas Monastery is the largest of all the manuscrips of the Beatus ( 52 x 36.4 cm. in page size )

In the second of its two annotations the date given is 1220, consisting of 184 folios and containing over 90 miniatures framed with sizes going from a quarter page to a full page and in some cases, to the double page. These include over 70 illustrations of the Book of Revelation and 10 miniatures with accompany Hieronymus commentary on the Book of Daniel.

It also contains considerable prefaces and other further explanations, such as the Genealogical Tables, with scenes of the book of Genesis and the Adoration of the Magi, Angels holding the Arms of a Cross, the Maiestas Domini, Portraits of Evangelists Accompanied by Witnesses, Angels Bearing Books, Saint Michael and the Dragon and a full page decorated with the letter Omega.

Apart from the extensive compendium of illustrations the M.429 has a series of scenes seldom found and other more characteristic ones, some examples of these being a snake with a woman's head which illustrates the book of Genesis the Genealogical Tables, and a version of the scene of the siege in the Destruction of Jerusalem within the cycle of miniatures for Hieronymus' commentary on Daniel, in particular insofar as the soldiers' attire is concerned.

The manuscript belonged to the Monastery of Saint Clement of Toledo, founded by Alphonse VI but handed over to the order of the Cister by Alphonse VIII. Its source would thus seem to have been Toledo or Burgos. It is possible that this was "commissioned" by Berenguela, mother of Fernando III and sister of Alphose VIII. The manuscript could possibly have been a donation to ensure success ah the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, which would explain the presence of Saint Michael and the Dragon and the allusion to war existing in the illustration from Daniel of the Siege of Jerusalem.


The edition consists of two volumes, one of these a facsimile of the original manuscript, which is in the Pierpont Morgan Library of New York, identified as M.429.

Its size vouches for its magnificence, as when opened it is 52 cm. high by 72.8 cm. wide, and with approximately 368 pages, 90 of these with miniatures, gilt and silverwork; plus a second study volume, which contains:

    Más un segundo volumen estudio conteniendo:
  • Codicological description

  • Style and source of the Las Huelgas Beatus. Its historical setting

  • The Las Huelgas codex in the tradition of the Beati.

  • The illustrations of Las Huelgas Beatus. Description and interpretation.

  • Translation into Spanish of the Commentary on the Book of Daniel by Saint Hieronymus.

  • TranscriptionBibliography and general commentary.

Limited facsimile edition with notary's authentication of 666 copies, of which only 444 will be distributed in Spain.

Authors of the Study Book: Klein, Raizman, Echegaray , Freeman and Del Campo.