Miracles of James & Safe conduct of the Catholic Monarchs



Manuscript of the miracles of James Written on paper. Binding on parchment, 15th century Kept in the National Library with signature 7455. Size 208 x 134 mm.

Belonging to the library of the Count of Miranda. Facsimile edition of 450 copies Study book by Senior Professor of Galician Linguistics and Literature at the Philology Faculty of Santiago University, Mr. Ramon Lorenzo Vázquez An outstanding, unique edition Guide for pilgrims and dangers to which they were exposed. Apology of the city and of apostle James.

Translation of the 12th century Codex Calixtinus, Liber Sanctí Jacobí Safe conduct of the Catholic Monarchs, kept in Santiago Cathedral, made in Natural parchment, written in Latin, including full translation into Castilian Spanish, English and Galician.