A single and exclusive edition of 390 copies, numbered and certified by a notary, with it also being certified by a notary that only natural parchment was used in the preparation process order alprazolam .

Libro de los Juegos de Ajedrez, Dados y Tablas. SIGLO III

As a paradigm of the cultural work of Alfonso X, the 150 miniatures of the Book of Games of Chess, Dice and Tables constitute one of the most important examples of the painting at the court of the monarch with which they are related, both in their iconographic and stylistic natures and in the courtly context and enclosed culture that they reveal.

Facsimile of the manuscript kept at the Real Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial Library in Madrid, (catalogue number Ms.T.I.6 ), ISBN: 978-84-7120-475-2, "Book of Games of Chess, Dice and Tables".

ISBN: 978-84-7120-476-9