A single and exclusive edition of 390 copies, numbered and certified by a notary, with it also being certified by a notary that only natural parchment was used in the preparation process.

Liber genealogiae regum hispaniae SIGLO XV

Also known by the name of Anacephaleosis, this is the work of Alfonso of Cartagena, formerly known as Alfonso García de Santa María, a member of the most important family of converted Jews of Castile. He was born in Villasandino (Burgos) around 1385, shortly before his father took the Christian faith under the name of Pablo de Santa María. He died in 1456. Father and son were always very linked to the Trastámara family branch in Castile, which rewarded them by making them successive bishops of Burgos.

Facsimile of the manuscript kept at the Spanish National Library, (Sig Vit-19-2), ISBN: 978-84-89472-48-8, "Liber Genealogiae Regum Hispaniae".

ISBN: 978-84-89472-49-5